10 things I would like to achieve in 2015...

I wanted to avoid naming this post 'my New Year resolutions' as I know what you're probably thinking- 'Yet another resolutions post, over three weeks after New Year's Eve? How original of you, Dominika!' To me, it's more like a promise that I'm making on my blog. So there you go, here's a list of 10 things I would like to achieve this year. I'm putting it out here just so I feel motivated to push myself and you have every right to hold me to it!

10. Keep up the good grades
I am currently at the top of my year, which is why I'm a proud recipient of the scholarship that covers a big proportion of my monthly living expenses. When you're at university, there are plenty of distractions though- that party your friends are going to, those funny videos you just found on Youtube or those conversations about everything and nothing that you just NEED to have with your roommate right now. I want to keep up the good work and hopefully have a much clearer idea of where I want to do my Masters and most importantly, what degree to choose.

9. Stop worrying about money
I take pride in the fact that I'm pretty good at saving money- I've never even been close to being broke and I like the sense of security it gives me. However, sometimes I find it really hard to splash out on various things. Even when I finally do, I tend to feel bad afterwards. There's nothing wrong with pampering yourself every now and then and it's definitely something I need to keep in mind.

8. Work on my fitness
For the past year, I've been attending gym once a week as a part of my university course. I had my very last class this week, but I would love to continue working on my fitness as I know I have a long way to go. Getting a gym membership and going at least 2-3 times a week is something I've been considering for a long time, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Last year I lasted on a strict diet for 3 whole months- I'm not sure if I could do it now, but why not push myself to start working out regularly in 2015?

7. Work on my photography skills
I am terribly ashamed of the fact that I've owned a DSLR camera for almost 2 years now, but my skills are pretty much on the 'point-and-shoot' level. Now, before you ask- yes, I did try to read the manual, but I just couldn't get through with it. When it comes to photography, I learn best when I have other people show me the ropes. I would really like to improve the quality of the photos I post on my blog- the sooner the better.

6. Buy some better quality cosmetics
This point is something that very often comes with age- ever since I started applying make up, I have relied on cosmetics from my local drugstore. I have recently seen a number of bloggers ramble on about how important our face is and how we should pay close attention to what products we use and it got me thinking. Now, considering my student budget. you most likely won't see reviews of dozens of MAC lipsticks and designer foundations on this blog anytime soon. I'd be happy even if I bought just one quality product this year- I'd especially like to get my mitts on some decent eyeshadow palettes (I'm looking at you, Naked and Full Exposure) and make up brushes.

5. Collect memories
I want to make this year all about creating wonderful memories with my family and friends. While some material things come and go, memories stay with us and we can cherish them forever. I want to live in the moment, visit new places, go to concerts, check things off my bucket list, do some crazy stuff and laugh hard until my stomach hurts. For starters, I am seeing 30 Seconds to Mars with one of my best friends this April and I cannot wait!

4. Revamp my wardrobe
I cannot possibly be the only one who has the fear of wasting a great outfit on an insignificant day. I always wear my favourite outfits on days when I have many classes and leave the ones I don't like as much for days of little importance. I want to complete more outfits I would love and get rid of the clothes that collect dust in my closet. Also, as much as I love various prints, I want to buy more classic, timeless items that will make me feel like a grown-up. Amazing what turning 21 does to you, isn't it?

3. Improve my self-esteem
Self-esteem is something I've been struggling with ever since I became a teenager. One day I'll look in the mirror, feel good about the way I look and leave the house feeling fairly confident. Next day I'll see an unflattering photo of myself or glamorous lives of celebrities and fashion bloggers documented on Instagram. I'll point out a number of my flaws and get upset about it, then swear that I need to join the gym as soon as possible. Happiness and positive self-image aren't things that stay with us forever- it's a daily battle; one that I am more than willing to fight this year and hopefully win most of the time.

2. Travel more
Travelling is most certainly one of the most important and fulfilling things in my life- I love waking up in new places and being around new people. I'll set out to discover a new city with my camera in hand, take hundreds of photos and people watch while sipping on a coffee. I'll bring some amazing stories home with me; ones that I will remember forever and randomly bring up every now and then for years to come. I hope to expand my travel map by the end of this year- I have already planned a little something for this spring, but I'm not sure if it works out!

1. Make it an amazing year for my blog
It's my first month of blogging after the big break and it truly makes my day whenever I get a new comment- even if it's just 3 or 4 people, it brings a smile to my face that there are people who actually take time out of their day to read my blog. I truly hope to make it grow by leaps and bounds and gain more readers by the end of this year.

What would you like to achieve in 2015? Sound off in the comments!

Every night's my birthday, they don't know so it's okay

Whenever 6th January rolls around, I find myself singing THIS SONG under my breath and dancing around my bedroom, so it felt like the perfect occasion to use the lyrics as my post title.
Today is officially my 21st birthday, which can only mean three things:

1. I can now legally drink and gamble in the United States. Except I have never been to the United States before and I don't gamble.

2. It was Selena's 21st birthday when the music video above was shot. I was secretly hoping that once I turn 21, I will look in the mirror just to find that I magically got at least a dash of her beauty as a gift. It didn't happen though and now I'm sitting here disappointed.

3. I have exactly one year left until I can post Taylor Swift's 22 on every single social media account I own and sing 'I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22' all day long until everyone around me goes nuts. Who am I kidding, I like the song so much that I might just do it all year long.

On a slightly different note, I really loved the stunning birthday photoshoots OLIVIA and KAVITA prepared for their birthdays and they certainly left me wishing I could just frolic around with a pretty dress on and a bunch of balloons in hand. However, I still have the sniffles and the weather really hasn't been cooperating with me as of late. I might just have to consider snapping birthday photos in the middle of July from now on- perhaps the post title would be even more fitting then! ;)

In the meantime, I'm going to leave you with a BLOG POST from 2012, when I turned 18 and posted a bunch of photos from my childhood. Sit back and enjoy- I'm off to have some birthday cake!
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