My fashion cravings: November edition

As you might have possibly noticed, I've been MIA for some time now. I guess I needed some time to focus on my studies and think through certain things. I have also been struggling with a sort of seasonal depression, the weather definitely affected my mood and there were times when I felt like abandoning my blog... I realized that I would miss you way too much though! Plus, I still have a lot of ideas that I will try to put into effect when I finally have some more time. :)

Yesterday I started looking through various websites and I put together yet another wishlist. Strangely enough, there are no warm coats or oversized cardigans... I guess the fact that the upcoming winter is my least favourite time of the year is reflected here. Much as I like layering every now and then, the fact that it gets to -15 degrees in winter here is simply unbearable!

(1. Party Dress with Sequin Bodice- ASOS, 2. Aristocrat High Shoe Boots- Topshop, 3. Floral Print Mesh Back Maxi Dress- Topshop, 4. Textured Sweetheart Prom Dress- Rare London, 5. Floral Sequin Prom Dress- Topshop, 6. Shoe Boots with Lace Detail- ASOS, 7. Darling Amelia Lace Skater Dress- ASOS)
While I'm off to take a look at some new posts and comment on your blogs, feel free to drop me a line saying what you think about my fashion cravings and what's on your recent wishlist!


  1. I had to go on the preview from the Blogger/Blogspot page because I can't see the Fashion Cravings picture you put up. Anyhow, I do love the dresses as well as the foxy booties. Great stuff.

    As for dealing with your studies, life happens. Some things are more important than blogging (especially if you love blogging). I want you to succeed in school as well as have a happy and safe life. So do your best!

  2. Hi sweety, I am so happy that you're back...I almost though you had stopped blogging. I hope the cool new winter styles will cheer you up. I absolutely love your taste as always (ours are quite similar) because I want everything on your list, the dresses are gorgeous!

  3. Dresses 1 and 5 = BIG THUMBS UP FROM ME!! Haha, love those picks.
    And I'm happy to see you back in the blogosphere! It's been too long, but I'm glad you decided to stick with us :)

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  4. great blog!
    xx Jules

  5. świetne ciuszki <3 wszystko mi się podoba :)
    A legginsy znalazłam w sh- nowe z metką :)
    Pozdrawiam :*

  6. #3 and #4 are definitely my favorite!

  7. Really good selection, specially 1,2,5 and 6 :P
    I'd love to invite you to vist my blog :D Kiss sweetie

  8. Hey, girl! I love this wishlist of yours especially #7. On my recent wishlist? A galaxy print maxi skirt! :)

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I can't wait for your new posts!

    - B
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  9. Hi sweetie!
    very cute blog!

    kisses from Ukraine!

  10. Hi Dominka, its so great to hear from you! How have you been? Hope all is well on your side.I want to specially thank you for your wonderful birthday wishes, it meant so much to me :) You are so sweet and thoughtful.

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