New in: Lace Zip Dress and Zebra Print Dress

I am terribly sorry for my absence throughout the past week, but my laptop broke down. I will try to get back to my blogging schedule as soon as it's fixed, but for now I'm gonna have to put up with my slow oldie. What I prepared for you today is a quick update on the newest additions to my closet, since I realized I haven't done it quite for a while. Out of all the items I have recently bought, I chose two lovely dresses that in my opinion deserve the most attention.

Lace Zip Dress- H&M
Zebra Print Dress- H&M

The first one has been on my wishlist for almost 2 years now. A friend of mine even ordered it on eBay once and gifted it to me, since he knew just how obsessed I was, but it turned out to be more suitable for a Barbie doll than a curvy girl like me and I had to return it with a broken heart. The one in a bigger size was nowhere to be found until the strangest thing happened about 2 weeks ago. I was going through various auctions when a sudden thought crossed my mind: 'if I came across that dress right now, I swear I wouldn't let it go'. No more than 20 seconds later, there it was, a perfect size and reasonably priced. I just couldn't believe my eyes. Let me tell you something- it fits like a glove!

The second one may look familiar due to one of my old posts. I wore the maxi version of this dress here and while I still love it, I decided to look for a shorter one to be able to wear it all year long. I am completely in love with the sleeves and that zipper in the back. It's a really lovely piece that I know I will keep wearing a lot in the future!

What do you think about my recent purchases? Would you possibly wear those?

My fashion cravings: August edition

How is it possible that we're almost halfway through August already? Whether we like it or not, time flies and I have recently realized that there are roughly 5 months left until my prom and no particular dress has caught my eye yet... No matter how hard I try to find 'the one', I always end up swooning over the piece featured in this post and wishing I was wealthy enough to buy such gems without feeling guilty. Today I decided to look through what TopShop has to offer, since they have some of the loveliest dresses ever. They didn't disappoint me this time either and even though I am not any closer to finding a perfect prom dress, I came across a few dresses I would gladly wear without an occasion.

1. Cut Out Dress by Jones and Jones. I love everything about this piece, from the shape and colour to that fantastic bow detail which had me at first sight. It's certainly not your average dress.

2. Heart Mesh Flippy Dress. This dress has 'adorable' written all over it. I was planning to order it as soon as I get the whole Paypal thing fixed, but someone beat me to it and it's out of stock already. What are your opinions on this dress? Would you possibly wear it?

3. Petite Mesh Insert Skater Dress. This one reminds me of the dress Miley Cyrus wore to People's Choice Awards back in January (see here). Thanks to her, I have been in love with similar pieces ever since. Now, if only they had it in white/beige...

4. Beaded Belt Cami Dress by Coco's Fortune. Even though the whole high-low hem trend has started a while ago, I still haven't bought any items to join in. This could be the perfect beginning with its wonderful colour and beautiful lace trim.

5. Metallic Bandeau Dress. What I wrote above might as well refer to this piece. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that it's strapless- not really practical when it comes to events which involve a lot of dancing unless we want to 'flash' someone at some point.

6. Showoff Mega Platform Mary Janes. I am simply in love with Mary Janes. They combine two extremely important things when it comes to shoes- the looks and comfort. You can throw your fear of falling over away and look super classy while doing it. It's a win-win.

7. LC Lauren Conrad Platform High Heels. Lauren Conrad has certainly made the list of my favourite fashion people. Her style is the essence of girliness and her collections are always reasonably priced. I mean... how can you not love her?

What do you think about my current wishlist? Which items are hot and which are not? Sound off in the comments!

Shop my closet: the opening of my new online store

Today, I have a very important announcement to make. I've been wanting to do it for some time now, but being the procrastinator that I tend to be, it took me much more time than I expected. Yes, just like the title suggests, I decided to open an online store to clear out my closet. Let me tell you something to illustrate how urgent it is for me to get rid of my stuff. A year ago, shortly before I decided to start my own fashion blog, my style completely changed and I had to get rid of my old clothes to make room for the ones defining the new 'me'. I nearly emptied one of my cupboards back then and gave those clothes away. Earlier this year, I noticed some of my old hoodies and tops still hanging in my closet, so I did exactly the same- packed them all and gave them away.
At the very moment, my closet and two cupboards are bursting at the seams again- better yet, there are over a dozen of items hanging on my closet door already since there is no room inside.

Having said this, I need my old clothes gone and I need them gone ASAP.
I am up for negotiation when it comes to prices so feel free to drop me a line if you happen to have any questions, otherwise I will have to give those away as well. I will be adding more items to the store shortly.

If you are looking for designer clothes and accessories, I recommend that you visit my first online store here. I am selling items by Christian Louboutin, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Juicy Couture and many, many more!
Prices start from as low as $9.00 for a lip balm. If you are interested, let me know and I will make sure to keep adding more items daily. :)

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