Hot or Not: Knee-length sleeveless dress in chiffon

Fashion dilemma is a feeling that every single fashionista has to struggle with every now and then. We find ourselves swooning over a certain item and wondering if the others find it equally amazing or if it's great value for money. I don't think anyone likes staring at their reflection in the changing room mirror and racking their brains with the question- 'love it or leave it?' Everything gets so much easier with a little bit of help from some fellow fashionistas and this is why I decided to turn to you.

As some of you might possibly remember (I am the queen of wishful thinking...), the first item on my March wishlist was the sleeveless chiffon dress from H&M. I even got to try it on when I went shopping, but since I'm a rather thrifty person, I put it back on the clothing rack with the hope that it would be much cheaper online. It's been three long months, but I finally found what I was looking for... and even more. I spotted the newest addition to the collection- the same dress in oh-so-trendy mint colour. Believe it or not, I still don't own any mint items of clothing- could this be the perfect beginning?

I believe that it's a perfect light summery dress and the leather belt certainly adds to its beauty. Since we tend to get a lot of weather swings, it's a must-have in my closet for those days when you're too afraid to go out because you might just melt. Now, the question is... which one would you choose if you were me? The mint or the black one? Or maybe both/neither of those? Sound off in the comments!

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