Hot or Not: Knee-length sleeveless dress in chiffon

Fashion dilemma is a feeling that every single fashionista has to struggle with every now and then. We find ourselves swooning over a certain item and wondering if the others find it equally amazing or if it's great value for money. I don't think anyone likes staring at their reflection in the changing room mirror and racking their brains with the question- 'love it or leave it?' Everything gets so much easier with a little bit of help from some fellow fashionistas and this is why I decided to turn to you.

As some of you might possibly remember (I am the queen of wishful thinking...), the first item on my March wishlist was the sleeveless chiffon dress from H&M. I even got to try it on when I went shopping, but since I'm a rather thrifty person, I put it back on the clothing rack with the hope that it would be much cheaper online. It's been three long months, but I finally found what I was looking for... and even more. I spotted the newest addition to the collection- the same dress in oh-so-trendy mint colour. Believe it or not, I still don't own any mint items of clothing- could this be the perfect beginning?

I believe that it's a perfect light summery dress and the leather belt certainly adds to its beauty. Since we tend to get a lot of weather swings, it's a must-have in my closet for those days when you're too afraid to go out because you might just melt. Now, the question is... which one would you choose if you were me? The mint or the black one? Or maybe both/neither of those? Sound off in the comments!

New in: Girls in their summer dresses

I have always been the girl who has an eye for bargains. Whenever one of my fashion-conscious friends comes over and begins to look through my closet in search of some new pieces, I always have a story to tell. One simply cannot buy style and that's why I am all in favour of affordable retailers. When H&M announced their huge end-of-season sales, I knew I just had to visit the nearest mall. They certainly didn't disappoint, but I would gladly hit one or two more stores in the neighbourhood... Seeing to the fact that come Friday, I will be officially done with school for the year, I might just do that!

Cotton dresses with wide elasticated waist- H&M
Bow hair clip- Diva
Feather earrings- Centro

As you might have already noticed, I purchased the same dress in two different colours. As soon as I noticed the last two ones hanging on the clothing rack I knew they were perfect for summer, grabbed them and immediately ran towards the changing room. Thank God for the existence of that elasticated waist, since the light denim blue is actually two sizes bigger. I cannot wait for the weather to start getting better, so I can go out rocking my new lovelies. They were a bit too creased, so I folded them like this- you can go here for some full length photos. As for the hair clip and earrings, I have been looking for similar ones for some time now and I stumbled upon them when I least expected it. A pair of feather earrings in light pink would make my jewellery collection complete (at least for now), but the prices were simply ridiculous. You know what they say though- good things come to those who wait!

Friday's Fancies: outfit crush

This week, the lovely {av} challenged us to present an outfit we've been crushing on, be it a celebrity look or the one found on Lookbook/Pinterest/you name it, and then recreate it in our own way. I have chosen the outfit that had me at first sight, even though it doesn't include any fancy dresses. Quite the contrary, it's more of a modern hippie look which I wish I could pull off as perfectly as the beauty below did.
Demi Lovato is undoubtedly one of my biggest fashion inspirations ever, as you might have noticed judging by the Modern Fashion Icon post here. One of her advantages is that throughout her whole career, she has been spotted changing her hairdos and style multiple times and she never fails to amaze me. Whether she's a blonde or a brunette, she still leaves me wishing I could magically get hold of her closet overnight. Ranging from rock tees and various Litas to fancy dresses and killer heels, it makes millions of girls all over the world want to follow in her footsteps. In 2011, she was spotted out and about in LA wearing this outfit and I have been dreaming of being able to recreate this look ever since. Who knows, maybe in the distant future I will get to go to Coachella or just simply strut around LA and then I will definitely keep this one in mind.

Would you possibly feel tempted to rock this outfit? Where would you wear it?

Happy Friday to you, lovelies!

My fashion cravings: June edition

As you already know, I'm a small town girl and this means that I am not able to hit the nearest mall whenever I spot an item I would gladly add to my ever-growing wardrobe. In most cases, I end up swooning over the pictures on the Internet or searching through various websites in hopes of finding it on sale online. Being able to share it with my fellow bloggers somehow makes me feel slightly better. Having said that, here's my newest wishlist.

1. Long trench coat H&M, £29.99
2. Double-breasted jacket H&M, £12.49
3. Flared knee-length skirt H&M, £2.99
4. Flared knee-length skirt in mint colour H&M, £2.99
5. Pink clutch H&M, £7.49
6. Zippy Lace Mocha Dress Glamorous UK, £16.50
7. Dark Brown Laced Rose Dress Glamorous UK, £10.80
8. Peep Toe Butterfly Bow Platform Pumps, $21.99
9. Short, flared skirt H&M, £4.49
10. Beige printed dress H&M, £3.99
11.Gold dress H&M, £6.49
12. Short, flared dress H&M, £6.99

1- I simply love how unique this trench coat is. There are no buttons, just a leather belt to wrap it around your body. What I'm going to say and who I'm going to refer to shouldn't surprise anyone... but it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn and her lovely trench coat in Charade. Or Detective Columbo. Or the combination of both.

2 & 7- I actually had both of you in my hands when I went shopping a while ago and it's fair to say that I loved what I saw in the changing room mirror. However, I spotted an amazing coat shortly afterwards and decided to part ways with you and leave with the coat instead. I could have taken you all though- the more the merrier.

3 & 4- I couldn't believe my eyes as soon as I noticed the price- paying 3 pounds for such gems simply sounds unreal to me. Getting hold of them would certainly help me join the whole mint colour craze. Are they available for UK residents only though? Don't make me start sobbing. Not again.

6 & 7- I don't usually go for such colours when it comes to picking a dress, but these two lovelies immediately caught my eye as I was browsing through the Glamorous UK website. Certainly an interesting addition to every girl's closet.

8- Dear pumps, I swear you have 'cute' written all over you & are the essence of girliness. I have already started thinking about different ways to style you up.

9- Even though this skirt was sold out already when I spotted it, I couldn't help but admire it. Such a perfect choice for a relaxing summer day out with friends.

10 & 12- You are both perfect summery dresses and I can already imagine myself twirling around wearing one of you. The hearts on #10 are nothing short of adorable. Plus, for this price one simply cannot go wrong.

11- When I first saw this dress, I thought there was too much going on and disregarded it as being too tacky. However, when I saw the way she styled it up, I changed my mind. Needless to say- it didn't look equally good on me, but for 6 pounds I guess I would give it a second chance.

What do you think about my wishlist? Can you possibly imagine yourself rocking any of the pieces above? Last but not least- what's on your wishlist?

Friday's Fancies: raindrops on roses and girls in white dresses...

I do realize that I am posting my Friday's Fancies one day late, but I can ensure you that the outfit I put together will be totally worth it. This week's round is all about rocking white, which happens to be one of my favourite colours. For a person like me, who doesn't feel comfortable wearing neon colours, white is the new neon colour. If you style it up properly, white can make you feel like a princess and turn more heads than if you went for a vivid colour. Speaking of feeling like a princess... this week I decided to go for something slightly different. While usually I would put together outfits that you could wear on a daily basis, this time I let my imagination take over. Trust me, if you turned up at a ball wearing this piece, all those princesses would have nothing on you.

Raindrops on roses and girls in white dresses

As soon as I came across this dress, I knew this would be the one. It immediately conjured up an image of Princess Ann from Roman Holiday in my head, since it has that undeniable Audrey Hepburn touch. I have recently started the process of looking for a perfect prom dress and it turned out to be a real chore. What can I say... this piece was love at first sight. It doesn't even matter to me that it's classified as a party wedding dress. If I could afford to pay $625 it retails for, you would undoubtedly see me dancing the night away in a princess-like party wedding dress because that's just the way I roll. Now, if you excuse me, I will either go sob in the corner or try to come up with various ways of getting hold of this gem.
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