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Like I have recently told you, on Saturday I was finally able to hit one of the nearest malls. The Easter bunny hopped into town carrying some money, plus how can a girl resist when she is surrounded with 'season sale' notices? Mission impossible. Early in the morning I ran into the stores ready to shop like there's no tomorrow and I groaned with the weight of all those clothes I decided to take to the changing room. Many outfits later, I left the mall with three lovely items that will certainly hold an important place in my closet.

What you need to know is that I'm picky as hell when it comes to trench coats- they always look nice on the others, there always seems to be something wrong when I put them on. On Saturday I came across the loveliest trench coat which had my name written all over it... one size smaller. Even though my chanting 'I will manage to put you on, I know I will' worked, it just didn't feel comfortable enough and I had to part ways with this gem... And not even a piece of delicious Easter cake could heal my broken fashionista heart.

Oversize knitted cardigan- H&M

In reality this cardigan is somewhere between beige and really light pink, which is a combination of my two favourite colours. Considering the fact that we tend to get harsh winters and chilly springs, I can already imagine wrapping myself up and staying both warm and classy.

Light pink shoulder dress and a bow clutch- H&M

Right after I came back home from the mall, I ended up lying on my bed and browsing the Internet. Having stumbled upon this, I fell in love with my newly bought dress even more. Even though it needs some altering, I can't wait for the nearest occasion to style it up!

(Click on the image to enlarge it.)

What do you think about my newest finds? Are you into light pink items just like me or do you prefer to go for more vivid colours this season? Any season sales treasures that you feel like showing off?


  1. i really love the carry you could team it with a thin belt round your waist would look classy... and the bag poo i love it. i love H&M xx

  2. The Bow Clutch looks so gorgeous ♡

    xxx :)

  3. nothing comfier then a big over sized sweater! and yes, that clutch is just dang adorable, perfection really!

  4. loving your new finds. that bow clutch from h&m is just perfect!!
    xo TJ

  5. Ooh I like your cardigan! Perfect thing for days, when all we want to do is be cozy! :)

  6. can't wait to see your dress on! LOVE the cardigan

  7. I love the cardigan its so cute. And the dress is lovely.

    Besos Storm

  8. Loving that oversized cardi - so cute & comfy :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. Love the cardigan and the dress! Thanks a lot for your comment!! :))

  10. Aw, I'm so sorry that trench didn't work out! :/
    But you found some other lovely items, and I'm certain you'll come across another gem later on.
    That shoulder dress looks really promising, I can't wait to see you rock it!

    Trendy Teal

  11. Oooh I LOVE the dress and clutch. You have wonderful taste! xo

  12. Pastel colors and lighter colors are surely "in" now. I particularly don't care much about trends, but it is always best to dress however you feel happiest. You're a lovely lady, and I think this light pink dress and black bow clutch are just as lovely as you are. Sure like to see an outfit post of you donning these items, Dominika.

  13. I like your finds. For me, I like to mix up the colors. Some days I want to be soft and romantic so I'll wear light and pastel colors. Other days I want to be bold and bright and I'll wear vivid colors.

  14. loveeeeeee your blog dear!
    keep posting and go for it!!!


  15. the dress looks so soft to tough i would lvoe to see it worn!

  16. omg i want this cardigan, h&m doesnt sell them anymore.. do you know where i can get anything similar?!


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