Hot or Not: Beige feather necklace, two-coloured rope necklace and lace Litas

I am pretty sure you all know the feeling when you're standing in the changing room surrounded by heaps of items and all of a sudden confusion starts taking control over you. You turn around and ask your friend hesitantly 'do you think I should buy this item?', but no answer is good enough. When they say 'yes', you still keep admiring yourself in the mirror, tilting your head from one side to another and thinking it over... but when it's a 'no' and they are ready to grab the item saying they will put it back on the clothing rack, you won't let go of it, repeating numerously 'maybe I should take it...'

I hate it when I'm shopping all by myself and this constant battle in my head simply won't stop, so I leave the store empty-handed and then can't get those items off my mind for the next couple of days. That's why today I prepared three items for you and your task is to say as frankly as possible... hot or not?

Beige feather necklace

I have recently noticed people everywhere going crazy about feather earrings, feather necklaces, feather decorations, feather everything. Even though up until now I managed to stay away from the trend, as you could possibly see in my previous post, I am seriously considering getting hold of some new jewellery. I spotted this one during my relaxing Sunday shopping and my Mom praised it for the fact that it can be mixed with both casual and formal outfits. I couldn't agree more- it can make a seemingly simple outfit stand out.

Two-coloured rope necklace

Right after I came across this necklace, an image of me pairing it with my favourite maxi dress popped in my head. It's not the kind of necklace I would wear a few years ago, but I got to the point where I am more than willing to experiment with fashion and this could certainly be a good beginning. Not to mention that the combination of light pink and brown is fabulous and would certainly upgrade many outfits.

Lace Litas

When it comes to Jeffrey Campbell designs, we all know they are extremely controversial- people either think his shoes are to die for or would never wear them because apparently they are too massive. In my case, it's definitely the first option- I obsess over his designs and if a few pairs of Jeffrey Campbell shoes decided to appear in my closet, I would be an overjoyed and fulfilled fashionista. However, we all know their prices can be a great reality check. Therefore, there are many websites offering shoes which resemble the ones by JC and cost three times less. Having visited one of those websites, I stumbled upon lace Litas. At first I couldn't believe my eyes, but after a while I noticed that it was the real deal. They are also available in black, as seen here. In my case it was love at first sight, but now the question arises... which ones would you possibly go for, if any... black or nude?

From now on, I swear I'm all ears waiting to hear your opinions about the items above. Which ones would you possibly feel tempted to purchase and why?


  1. Where did you find the Litas? They're gorgeous! ^^
    Love this post btw :)

    1. Thank you for your comment, glad you liked my post!
      The Litas are from :) x


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