New in: Get your coat on!

Yes, I do realize how weird telling people to get their coats on may sound in the middle of spring, with summer being just round the corner. It's just that I can bet all my floral dresses (and this, my dear readers, is a lot) that I am not the only one shopping for fall/winter clothing at this time of the year because of impressive discounts. Correct me if I'm wrong. Or, better yet, don't. You know I love my dresses to pieces.

Anyway, my closet has recently been enriched by three totally amazing finds I know I will be wearing a lot once the colder days arrive again. Strangely enough, with these lovelies by my side, the thought of dull weather and strong wind doesn't seem to be that scary anymore. Not that I should have to worry about it anytime soon.

Coat- H&M

I stumbled upon this one at my favourite retailer store and I can undoubtedly say it was love at first sight. Actually, as soon as I took it from the clothing rack, I noticed a lady standing next to me, gazing at the coat with that anxious look on her face, ready to grab the item in case I put it back. Oh boy, am I happy that I didn't let that happen!

Trench coat- H&M

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you can probably recall me going on about THE trench. Luckily enough, when I least expected it, I came across the one in my size online. When the package finally arrived and I got to put it on, there was no 'wow' feeling that accompanied me in the changing room when I first saw it. Don't get me wrong, I still love it and think it looks absolutely amazing paired with my new bow clutch.

Coat- Vila

I have been lusting over this item ever since I saw it hanging on the clothing rack in one of my favourite boutiques. I would come back every now and then to make sure it was still there, look in admiration of how beautiful it was and leave empty-handed. Today, it occurred to me that I am obviously determined to get it and decided to purchase it regardless of the price. This little retail therapy of mine definitely worked- I swear I couldn't be happier to know that it's finally mine!

By the way, I am officially on my spring break- over two weeks of hanging out with friends, hitting a number of stores and having my own 'How I met your mother' marathons on Netflix... excited isn't the word.
(Is there anyone who loves this show as much as I do?!)

Have you made any plans for the weekend?

Friday's Fancies: primped for a picnic

Having received my weekly e-mail informing about the upcoming challenge, it crossed my mind that maybe it's about time I put my Friday's Fancies posts on hold for the time being and came back next Friday packed with fresh ideas. To be perfectly honest, I have never ever been on a real picnic, with a fancy basket, nibbling on sandwiches and sipping wine or soft drinks. Not to mention that I'm the kind of person that takes every possible occasion to dress up- it doesn't matter if I'm going to a party or just casually taking a stroll to the nearest supermarket. So, if you ever spot a person walking in the mountains rocking a floral top paired with plimsolls... come say hi.
(By no means am I exaggerating here- been there, done that.)

Anyway, after a while I decided to let my creative side out and play around with my dear friend Polyvore a little. It resulted in creating an outfit that has classy written all over it, but is not too formal for a Sunday picnic with significant others.
Primped for a picnic

Even though I have always been Team Lauren, I have to admit that Kristin is an absolute stunner and looks beaming as a mother-to-be. She makes me want to throw on my favourite maxi dress and go bask in the sun like there's no tomorrow. I don't know how about you, but I feel overwhelmed by the temptation to copy the look once the sunny days are here to stay.

Here's to the warm summer days, long walks on the beach, sitting on the porch in the evening with a drink in my hand and my favourite music playing in the background, throwing barbecue parties and twirling around in my floral dresses... I am awaiting you.

(PS Make sure you participate in the gifting here, you can win an item of your choice!)

Friday's Fancies: pretty in pastels

It seems like yesterday I first found out about the idea of Friday's Fancies and here I am today, presenting yet another set created by me. When a few days ago I found out in advance what this week's challenge is going to be, I actually squealed with excitement. Whenever I dress up, I tend to go for less vivid colours- at the very moment it's virtually impossible for me to imagine myself following the whole color blocking craze. Therefore, pastels seem to be a perfect trend for me. Not to mention that light pink is one of my favourite colours and I think it suits my skin tone very well.
Pretty in Pastels 1

I don't think it should be a novelty to you that I decided to go for a feminine dress instead of a girly top paired with leggings or pastel skinny jeans, which are totally in this season. Just two years ago I was your average teenage girl, wearing skinnies with fancy tunics on a daily basis. When I first met a girl who had a habit of wearing dresses and skirts regardless of the season, a thought crossed my mind that it's absolutely crazy and I had no idea how she could bear with that in winter. Right now I got to the point where I officially took her place and I find creating an outfit including any sort of trousers totally problematic. It's incredible how one's style can evolve over a relatively short period of time and you might be drawn to something you would've never thought about before. That's why I'm both anxious and excited to see where the road of self-discovery leads me. For now a palette of greys, beiges and pinks is my absolute number one.

The set above is something I would definitely wear. I've been racking my brains trying to come up with something to accessorize it with and then the lovely Furla bag popped into my head. Believe it or not, I haven't heard of Furla for a long time, it wasn't until I got to visit enchanting Venice and came across one of their boutiques. The atmosphere inside was fantastic- I immediately felt at home and have been in love with the brand ever since.

What are your opinions on pastels, have you been carried away by the trend? What are your favourite pastel items and which colours do you usually go for?

New in: Tickle me pink

Like I have recently told you, on Saturday I was finally able to hit one of the nearest malls. The Easter bunny hopped into town carrying some money, plus how can a girl resist when she is surrounded with 'season sale' notices? Mission impossible. Early in the morning I ran into the stores ready to shop like there's no tomorrow and I groaned with the weight of all those clothes I decided to take to the changing room. Many outfits later, I left the mall with three lovely items that will certainly hold an important place in my closet.

What you need to know is that I'm picky as hell when it comes to trench coats- they always look nice on the others, there always seems to be something wrong when I put them on. On Saturday I came across the loveliest trench coat which had my name written all over it... one size smaller. Even though my chanting 'I will manage to put you on, I know I will' worked, it just didn't feel comfortable enough and I had to part ways with this gem... And not even a piece of delicious Easter cake could heal my broken fashionista heart.

Oversize knitted cardigan- H&M

In reality this cardigan is somewhere between beige and really light pink, which is a combination of my two favourite colours. Considering the fact that we tend to get harsh winters and chilly springs, I can already imagine wrapping myself up and staying both warm and classy.

Light pink shoulder dress and a bow clutch- H&M

Right after I came back home from the mall, I ended up lying on my bed and browsing the Internet. Having stumbled upon this, I fell in love with my newly bought dress even more. Even though it needs some altering, I can't wait for the nearest occasion to style it up!

(Click on the image to enlarge it.)

What do you think about my newest finds? Are you into light pink items just like me or do you prefer to go for more vivid colours this season? Any season sales treasures that you feel like showing off?

Friday's Fancies: florals

Now that I'm finally on my spring break, starting my day with visiting fashion blogs to keep up with the latest posts has become a routine. When I came across this lovely link-up on Long Distance Loving this morning, I immediately thought it would be really fun to participate. Florals are by far one of my favourite trends and make up a huge part of my closet- no matter whether it's the middle of summer or harsh winter, to my mind one can never go wrong with them. Even if florals go out of fashion one day (which right now appears as nearly impossible to me), you will probably still get to see me rocking some pieces. Surprisingly enough, having gone through my old sets on Polyvore, I came to discover that most of them include floral patterns. So here I am, presenting an oldie... Enjoy!

Style It Up

As you have probably noticed, high-low hem dresses are totally in this season. Even though I haven't had the chance to wear this kind of dress yet, the floral one instantly caught my eye. It's certainly not your average dress; depending on the way you accessorize it, it's perfect for a both formal and casual occasion. This set is a combination of almost all of my favourite things in fashion: florals, nudes, bows and classy black heels. Absolute spring must-haves on my list!

(For more floral outfits, feel free to visit my Polyvore account.)

How do you feel about this trend and how would you possibly style it up? Can't wait for you to join the link-up and let your creative side out... one floral print at a time.

Hot or Not: Beige feather necklace, two-coloured rope necklace and lace Litas

I am pretty sure you all know the feeling when you're standing in the changing room surrounded by heaps of items and all of a sudden confusion starts taking control over you. You turn around and ask your friend hesitantly 'do you think I should buy this item?', but no answer is good enough. When they say 'yes', you still keep admiring yourself in the mirror, tilting your head from one side to another and thinking it over... but when it's a 'no' and they are ready to grab the item saying they will put it back on the clothing rack, you won't let go of it, repeating numerously 'maybe I should take it...'

I hate it when I'm shopping all by myself and this constant battle in my head simply won't stop, so I leave the store empty-handed and then can't get those items off my mind for the next couple of days. That's why today I prepared three items for you and your task is to say as frankly as possible... hot or not?

Beige feather necklace

I have recently noticed people everywhere going crazy about feather earrings, feather necklaces, feather decorations, feather everything. Even though up until now I managed to stay away from the trend, as you could possibly see in my previous post, I am seriously considering getting hold of some new jewellery. I spotted this one during my relaxing Sunday shopping and my Mom praised it for the fact that it can be mixed with both casual and formal outfits. I couldn't agree more- it can make a seemingly simple outfit stand out.

Two-coloured rope necklace

Right after I came across this necklace, an image of me pairing it with my favourite maxi dress popped in my head. It's not the kind of necklace I would wear a few years ago, but I got to the point where I am more than willing to experiment with fashion and this could certainly be a good beginning. Not to mention that the combination of light pink and brown is fabulous and would certainly upgrade many outfits.

Lace Litas

When it comes to Jeffrey Campbell designs, we all know they are extremely controversial- people either think his shoes are to die for or would never wear them because apparently they are too massive. In my case, it's definitely the first option- I obsess over his designs and if a few pairs of Jeffrey Campbell shoes decided to appear in my closet, I would be an overjoyed and fulfilled fashionista. However, we all know their prices can be a great reality check. Therefore, there are many websites offering shoes which resemble the ones by JC and cost three times less. Having visited one of those websites, I stumbled upon lace Litas. At first I couldn't believe my eyes, but after a while I noticed that it was the real deal. They are also available in black, as seen here. In my case it was love at first sight, but now the question arises... which ones would you possibly go for, if any... black or nude?

From now on, I swear I'm all ears waiting to hear your opinions about the items above. Which ones would you possibly feel tempted to purchase and why?
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