Little Black Dress

Having noticed that a beautiful day was beginning with not a cloud in the sky, I joyfully exclaimed 'Mom, I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse' (Godfather much? Excuse me, I have my moments...) Indeed, about 2 hours later we were crossing the streets of our town in search of new spring clothes. You can only imagine how cheerful I was when I was able to walk around with just a summer dress and a short cardigan on for the first time this year. Even though I didn't find anything to show off this spring yet, I came across something even better. You know what they say- every woman should have a little black dress. I took this saying to a whole new level and came back with not one, but two elegant black pieces. Unfortunately, my camera wasn't obedient today and wouldn't capture those beautiful lace details as well as I wanted to, but hopefully you will see the photos of me rocking both dresses in the future.

Dress: Stradivarius

You may not be able to see it clearly in the photos above, but I immediately fell in love with the figure-hugging corset-like top. Not to mention that I'm a huge lace lover- it can always make a seemingly simple dress stand out.

Dress: Vila

When I first saw this dress, for whatever reason I thought it was the combination of this H&M dress and this H&M Conscious Collection top (I'm pretty sure you can figure out what my favourite retailer store is by now... any guesses?). When I put it on, I was quite impressed because it looked equally good. I love the lace details in the front, back and on the sides of this dress. I mean, what's not to love?

I don't know how about you, but whenever I buy some new items, I love putting together an outfit and wearing it as soon as possible. I honestly cannot wait for the occasion to wear these two!

PS Have you been up to anything exciting lately? We are celebrating Entrepreneurship Day next Thursday and therefore, we were given the chance to find whatever job we wanted to and work for a few hours. Since I didn't have much time to think about any fashion-related job, I employed myself... in the Army. Yes, you heard me. It's just an office job, but when me and my best friend brought them some documents to fill in, we were mistaken for soldiers-to-be and given funny looks already, so... Thursday, bring it on! I can either sense some fun or a big, big embarrassment.

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