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As some of you possibly know, I'm your average high school student and when I'm not somewhere deep under a pile of assignments and History notes, I always decide to take some well-deserved quality time. This weekend was no exception. Having decided that it's about time I took advantage of the lovely spring weather, an idea started blooming and swirling around in my head- why not go out and snap a few awaited outfit pictures? I immediately started creating scenarios in my head- you know, the scenery, dresses to wear, you name it. Being the lucky creature that I am, the first thing that came to my mind when I hopped out of bed this morning was 'oh, what a lovely autumn we have this spring'. Grey sky & howling wind made me realize that I can't fully part ways with my warm coat & tunnel scarf yet... oh, the joys of living in the middle of nowhere.

I decided to tell you about something even more interesting instead. I came across Blogger's Wardrobe long time ago and I can undoubtedly say it was love at first sight. The aim of this site is to gather a number of unique fashionistas and allow them to shop absolutely for free. Yes, you heard me!
That's how they present themselves:

'Blogger's Wardrobe is not just any web site, not another way to shop online, and definitely not just an online lookbook. This is a movement and a community and a new way for brands and bloggers to interact. Look back soon for our full manifesto and declaration of how we intend to make the world better for both.'

They have already made mine better... apart from the fact that they had me checking on their website every 10 minutes to see if anything has changed in the 'Join us' tab. And finally, after weeks of fruitless attempts and sighs of disappointment, here it is. Having pinched myself a couple of times and collected my jaw from the floor (okay, I may be exaggerating here a little, but how jazzy does it sound?) I checked the application requirements and decided not to let this opportunity pass me by.

If I still haven't managed to convince you (which, mind you, borders on a miracle... you know, all the 'Not only do I have absolutely nothing to wear, but also my closet door won't close' issues fashionistas are familiar with... I know I am) here are some of the brands they collaborate with:

These Lady Gaga-like shoes and amazing dresses (I have already told you that even -15 Celsius outside can't stop me from wearing dresses and skirts on a daily basis, right?) instantly caught my eye. The best thing about fashion is that you can experiment with all sorts of different things, step out of your comfort zone and play around with different items to express yourself. That's what makes the whole fashion blogging experience so involving. Not to mention that I think these items have just said 'Mom' to me... the price tag is the greatest reality check though. And that's where this website comes in- enabling fashionistas to get hold of something they wouldn't normally afford to buy. How much better can it get?

As I'm going back to enjoy my Sunday, I'm leaving you with these lovelies and even more pieces to swoon over on Blogger's Wardrobe website... one click at a time. Feel free to drop me a line saying what your favourite brands are.


  1. Those higheels are wearable!?

  2. The Bloggers Wardrobe sounds like such a fantastic idea! Those heels are staggering! Very much like art.

  3. Love it !!

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  4. Great post and blog too!I'd like to invite you to follow each other. I’d be very pleased! :)

  5. Hi! Thanks so much for visiting and following our blog! We are following you via GFC as well. We are going to check out Bloggers Wardrobe!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. Love this post, those heels are gorgeous. I'm your new follower!


  7. the outfits are soooo pretty!



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