Give me some... Valentino! Ready-to-wear Spring/Summer 2012

During cold weather like this, there's nothing better than getting snuggled up in bed in front of the TV. As I was jumping from one channel to another last weekend, I came across interesting series on Fashion TV called 'Focus on designers'. The episode I decided to watch featured a number of Valentino collections. Valentino is a clothing company founded in 1959 by Valentino Garavani and is a part of Valentino Fashion Group.

What immediately caught my eye was the fact that Valentino designs, contrary to some freaky fashion on the runway, are wearable pieces which define 'feminine'. Since I figured out it's virtually impossible to summarize the genius of Valentino in just one post, I decided to do it one collection at a time. Today, I would like to present a number of my favourite outfits from the Ready-to-wear Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

The first thing that came into my mind after seeing these pictures was the white sequined dress from the Versace for H&M collection. I love the crafty floral details which turn those dresses into works of art which can be worn. The fact that they offer similar dresses in different lengths and shapes also works to their advantage- everyone can find something appropriate for themselves.

These dresses prove that you can never go wrong with black. What really amazed me are those see-through parts with floral/ethnic details which make seemingly simple dresses stand out. Therefore, if you accessorize them with elegant jewellery, the casual dresses can be turned into perfect outfits for formal occasions.

Since I have never been a huge fan of vivid colours, it was love at first sight. I have always been self-conscious about my curves and would rather disguise my hips, but in this case emphasizing waistline with a waistbelt seems to be the perfect choice. The last floor-length dress instantly reminded me of those 19th century aristocratic ladies in stunning gowns (maybe it's my love for the past fashion trends or maybe it's just too much literature from that period...)

I have been enchanted by red lace dresses ever since I spotted Blake Lively wearing that wonderful Marchesa gown. In spite of their see-through design, they don't force you to show off more body than you would possibly want to. Quite the contrary, they are sophisticated and have 'chic' written all over them.

That's what Vogue (or the Fashion Bible, as they like to call themselves) said about the collection:

'The dresses were innocent in shape and alluring as ever in their translucency and fine detail – doily lace patterns were intricately applied to leather, fine linen or chiffon. (...) Tiers of glittering chiffon overlaid angelic lace dresses in nude and cream  - then blue, pink, buttery yellow and black, or floral combinations of all four, prevented the collection from being saccharine. It maybe that at some point we want something different to pure, modern romance from the Valentino team – but it’s hard to imagine ever getting bored with this.'

To be perfectly honest, I couldn't agree more. Valentino officially holds a special place on the list of my favourite designers.
How about you? Do you like Valentino designs? Which ones are your favourite?

For High Quality pictures, go here.. All edits were made by me, so if you feel like using them in the future credit me.


  1. Oh Valentino- have you watched the footage of the way those dresses move?
    Its practically breath taking
    so beautiful
    anyway darling- i just started another blog about my photography and seeing as your my blogging bud check it out for me?xx

  2. All are gorgeous, and so pretty. But I must admit the red is my fave :)
    Now if only I was a gazillionaire to be able to buy it hehe.

    You should check out my GIVEAWAY

    Talitha xx

  3. them all! Great have a new follower! ;)
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  4. lovely outfits

  5. omg I love the red lace! I am new to blogging and I'm having a giveaway. Please check out my blog if you are interested. I am following you now, hope you return the follow.

  6. This is gorgeous and feminine collection, I love how delicate the dresses are.

  7. dear you have such a fab blog that i am now following via GFC. love this post as i am a huge fan of valentino and i think that his dresses are innocent however alluring as well as vogue said it first, he always manages to impress me with his clothes and this collection has to be one of my fave ones all time.
    care to check out my blog? we could follow each other, however if u don't want to, that's ok.

  8. Oh wow those designer dresses really look so glamorous. I wish I could get a chance to wear one. For now I'm settling for a pair of designer jeans and blouses which I got at a discounted price online.

  9. Unconsciously dropped my jaw. These dresses are stunning and fabulous! Anyone can rock any of these dresses fashionably without feeling awkward on the street. I drool over pretty floral details. The first set of dresses is my fav. Valentino is a fashion genius. :)

    Anywayz, Happy Valentine's Day dear!

    Always, Cherry :)

  10. i <3 the outfits


  11. hello dear regarding your comment :

    As for your question on my blog, I don't really watch GG on a daily basis, I just checked out a few episodes during my summer holiday. I like the books much better, but the outfits in the show are really worth paying attention to! I think her dress was lovely, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication :) what do you think about it?
    i haven't read the books, however i've heard that they are really different especially the characters of chuck and nate.
    i am not watching the 5th season either, since the story kind of bores me lately but i always find time to check out blair's, serena's and lily's outift i love them all.
    thank you for finding the time to reply back to my comment and of course for following me back.
    have a happy valentine's day and keep in touch!
    waiting for your next post to come...
    marianne of

  12. Great photos. Love your blog.


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    xoxo -

  14. Amazing post dear and gorgeous blog!
    Following! Follow back? <3

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  16. The red lace dresses look amazing!beautiful blog,now following!
    Thx alot for ur lovely comment.

  17. wow you seriously read 10 gossip girl books? are they so many? how many are they??
    i am intrigued to read some now.

  18. Love the dresses. =) Please visit my blog, and follow if you want to.

    monika -

  19. wow, i love the dresses!! ;**
    pls visit my blog and follow ;DDD

  20. Amazing dresses! I love all of them ;)

  21. Thanks for your comment hun, i think they are furry envelopes.

  22. LOVE LOVE LOVE valentino! great post doll!

    xo, H


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