'Let's go where we got to, our paths will cross again in time...'

I've been thinking a lot about it lately and what I'm about to say is by no means easy for me. In my previous post I expressed my joy about being back in the blogosphere, but I decided that saying 'goodbye' to all of you will be the best idea I can possibly make right now. I've been struggling with a lot of things these days and I pushed blogging into the background. I am definitely in need of some me-time to keep my mind off certain things and simply relax. Don't worry though- I won't be gone for good. I am still going to read your blogs on a daily basis and sometimes even comment on them, so if you feel like talking to me just drop me a line and I promise I will reply as soon as possible. I just want to take a break from blogging as such. I can promise you one thing- I WILL be back for sure. I don't know how long it will take me- maybe a few weeks, maybe up to 2 months or maybe even more... All I know is that once I come back, I will make it up to you. I promise it will be worth the wait. I have so many ideas and I am really looking forward to implementing them.

I hope you will stick with me and my blog or maybe even miss me a little. I know I will. Take care everybody and see you soon!

My fashion cravings: November edition

As you might have possibly noticed, I've been MIA for some time now. I guess I needed some time to focus on my studies and think through certain things. I have also been struggling with a sort of seasonal depression, the weather definitely affected my mood and there were times when I felt like abandoning my blog... I realized that I would miss you way too much though! Plus, I still have a lot of ideas that I will try to put into effect when I finally have some more time. :)

Yesterday I started looking through various websites and I put together yet another wishlist. Strangely enough, there are no warm coats or oversized cardigans... I guess the fact that the upcoming winter is my least favourite time of the year is reflected here. Much as I like layering every now and then, the fact that it gets to -15 degrees in winter here is simply unbearable!

(1. Party Dress with Sequin Bodice- ASOS, 2. Aristocrat High Shoe Boots- Topshop, 3. Floral Print Mesh Back Maxi Dress- Topshop, 4. Textured Sweetheart Prom Dress- Rare London, 5. Floral Sequin Prom Dress- Topshop, 6. Shoe Boots with Lace Detail- ASOS, 7. Darling Amelia Lace Skater Dress- ASOS)
While I'm off to take a look at some new posts and comment on your blogs, feel free to drop me a line saying what you think about my fashion cravings and what's on your recent wishlist!

Outfit crush: Spencer Hastings

I prepared this post a long time ago and it was supposed to be a part of the Friday's Fancies feature, but as you might have already noticed, I haven't had too much time to update my blog these days. But with the PLL Halloween Special coming up in two days, I don't think I could ask for a better timing... 

I jumped on the Pretty Little Liars bandwagon as I was spending my lazy August mornings in bed with Netflix and, having seen all How I Met Your Mother episodes for the millionth time, I was in desperate need of something new to watch. It took me a mere week to watch all episodes and left me wanting more. As I could relate to both Spencer and Hanna, they immediately became my favourite characters. In one of the episodes, Spencer wore an outfit that took my breath away (minus the knee-highs, I absolutely loathe that trend) and I could not wait to bring my own take to it.

I love the combination of different colours and since I usually go for less vivid ones, that would be a perfect outfit for me to step out of my comfort zone a little. That lace dress is absolutely adorable and if I ever find it in stock online, I'll immediately buy it- that's out of the question!

How about you? Would you possibly wear this outfit?
And if you're just as hooked on the show as I am, whose style do you like the most and what are your thoughts on the upcoming episode? Who do you think is going to die? ;)

P.S. You know it's a great coincidence when you use a random font to put this set together and when you're done, you notice it's called 'Alison Regular'. All I can say is... all aboard the A-train!

New In: Catching on the peplum trend

Guess who finally got their laptop back... this girl right here! 'Happy' isn't even the right word to express how I feel about getting back to my blogging routine. Not being able to read your posts on a regular basis, let alone comment on them, was literally killing me, but now I promise I'm here to stay. I feel like giving you an update on what's going on in my life these days is the right thing to do, so just bear with me, please...

It's certainly not easy with people all around me giving constant reminders about final exams getting closer, as if the fact that my mock exams are taking place next month wasn't stressful enough. Believe it or not, our Literature teacher is planning to finish analysing three books by the end of this month, which gives us 6 altogether since this schoolyear began. I have also taken the step I've been wanting to take for about 4 years now- in December I am officially taking the most important examination in my life, Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency. Not many people in general make it this far and the thought of being the youngest girl in the history of my town to get that certificate is so empowering. However, this means dozens of grammar exercises to do weekly and lots of essays to write... so I hope you will forgive me if I don't blog as often as I would possibly want to. I'll try to do my best though. :)

In the meantime, I have also kept looking through the offers of universities and colleges in London and finding the perfect one for me has given me a certain peace of mind. I still have some time left so I'm keeping my options open, but knowing that I'm not totally at sea is really, really relaxing.

I could go on and on about everything that's been going on, but I will spare you the details for now and just skip ahead to the main topic of today's post: my newest purchases.

(Black lace peplum top- H&M, cream peplum top- Lana Del Rey for H&M)

Yes, I have finally caught on the peplum trend- better late than never, I would say. The one on the right has been on my wishlist ever since I first saw this photo of Lana. She's certainly one of my favourite singers and the outfit she's wearing in this photo totally took my breath away. Since I don't feel comfortable wearing too short tops, I decided to buy a top that's like two sizes bigger to get a lovely oversized look. Fair enough, I don't look half as cute as Lana, but I ended up being pretty satisfied anyway. You can't probably see it too well, but the one on the left has absolutely amazing lace details in the front and on the sleeves. I gotta admit, due to the price tag I was racking my brains wondering whether I should take it home with me or not, but buying it was the best decision I could've possibly made. I crossed two other items off my wishlist as well- a black bodycon skirt and simple black heels- so my shopping trip turned out to be a major success, don't you think?

What do you think about my newly bought items and what have you been up to these days? I really want to catch up with you guys, so drop me a line, pretty please!

Friday's Fancies: Autumn Lust List

I am terribly sorry for the delay, but I have been really busy these days. Even though I have fewer classes during my senior year of high school, I can definitely feel the pressure... On Tuesday, we are filling in our exam declarations including the subjects we want to take and the topic of our oral presentation. At the very moment it all sounds unreal that 7 months from now, I will be graduating from high school and if everything goes the way I planned and I pass my finals with flying colours, leaving the country. I have also engaged myself in the whole prom committee activity and attended the first meeting. We have already decided on the date, venue, band and the camera guy. The only thing I seem to lack at the moment is a dress... oh, and a partner.
(Any volunteers? Ha.)

As for my laptop, it turned out it can't be fixed at the very moment, since finding original parts is harder than we first thought. I've been on the lookout for a brand new one and hopefully I will place my order sometime this week. For now, you're gonna have to bear with me and my rare posts, but I will try to make it up to you!
This week's Friday's Fancies challenge involved creating an Autumn Lust List, which I found highly enjoyable. Every single year, I keep waiting impatiently for all those fall collections to hit the stores. I absolutely love layering, throwing on adorable oversized cardigans and coats and accessorizing with scarves.

One of the items on my list is a beige cape from H&M, which I've had my eyes on for some time now, but the price always scared me away. What I think would look totally amazing paired with a simple black coat is that detachable fur collar. I haven't caught on the trend yet, but this item sounds like a perfect beginning. Not to mention those suede Isabel Marant beauties which immediately stole my heart. They combine two most important features when it comes to shoes- the looks and comfort. And if they can keep you warm at the same time, it's a major win-win. The only threat coming from owning them is that I could possibly refuse to take them off... Not that I would mind though.
 As if it wasn't enough, a real fashionista can never have too many accessories and that's where the handbags and necklaces come in handy. I have already told you about how I've been in love with the Furla brand ever since I visited one of their boutiques in Venice, Italy. The other handbag, however, has been on my mind ever since I posted my last Friday's Fancies set... does that ring a bell? ;)
Add an eye-catching statement necklace underneath and spray yourself with perfume that smells heavenly (preferably the Viva La Juicy one, it's perfection, I'm telling you!) and you're good to go and turn heads!

What do you think about my set? What's on your Autumn Lust List?

Friday's Fancies: Back to School

As you might have noticed, I have been a little bit MIA these days and it's all because my laptop hasn't been fixed yet. I can't even read as many posts as I would possibly like to, let alone comment on them since the PC I get to use in the meantime is the definition of 'slow'. On the bright side, I finally had time to start watching some new TV series and I decided to go for Pretty Little Liars... It took me a week to watch all episodes and I am beyond obsessed already! I am currently suffering from PLL withdrawal, waiting impatiently for the next episode which seems like ages away... who's with me?

A week ago, I started my senior year of high school... On the one hand, the thought of my graduation being less than 8 months away and having to apply to the university by December scares the hell out of me, but on the other I am excited to see what the future holds. This is why I created an outfit which I would gladly wear during my first days of school... and then again, and again, and again.
Since I haven't worn jeans for over a year, of course I just had to include a dress while putting it all together. I've been swooning over those Peter Pan collar dresses for some time now and it seemed like the perfect choice for school. You can simply never go wrong with black & white... plus, how can you not fall in love with that outfit when it's paired with those adorable handbags?
Mission impossible.
While I usually tend to go for flats on my school days for the sake of comfort, here I decided to add a pair of the cutest cap toe heels. They look totally amazing and since they are not too high, I bet they are really comfortable as well. See? It's a win-win.

What are your thoughts on the outfit I chose? Would you possibly wear it to school?

New in: Lace Zip Dress and Zebra Print Dress

I am terribly sorry for my absence throughout the past week, but my laptop broke down. I will try to get back to my blogging schedule as soon as it's fixed, but for now I'm gonna have to put up with my slow oldie. What I prepared for you today is a quick update on the newest additions to my closet, since I realized I haven't done it quite for a while. Out of all the items I have recently bought, I chose two lovely dresses that in my opinion deserve the most attention.

Lace Zip Dress- H&M
Zebra Print Dress- H&M

The first one has been on my wishlist for almost 2 years now. A friend of mine even ordered it on eBay once and gifted it to me, since he knew just how obsessed I was, but it turned out to be more suitable for a Barbie doll than a curvy girl like me and I had to return it with a broken heart. The one in a bigger size was nowhere to be found until the strangest thing happened about 2 weeks ago. I was going through various auctions when a sudden thought crossed my mind: 'if I came across that dress right now, I swear I wouldn't let it go'. No more than 20 seconds later, there it was, a perfect size and reasonably priced. I just couldn't believe my eyes. Let me tell you something- it fits like a glove!

The second one may look familiar due to one of my old posts. I wore the maxi version of this dress here and while I still love it, I decided to look for a shorter one to be able to wear it all year long. I am completely in love with the sleeves and that zipper in the back. It's a really lovely piece that I know I will keep wearing a lot in the future!

What do you think about my recent purchases? Would you possibly wear those?

My fashion cravings: August edition

How is it possible that we're almost halfway through August already? Whether we like it or not, time flies and I have recently realized that there are roughly 5 months left until my prom and no particular dress has caught my eye yet... No matter how hard I try to find 'the one', I always end up swooning over the piece featured in this post and wishing I was wealthy enough to buy such gems without feeling guilty. Today I decided to look through what TopShop has to offer, since they have some of the loveliest dresses ever. They didn't disappoint me this time either and even though I am not any closer to finding a perfect prom dress, I came across a few dresses I would gladly wear without an occasion.

1. Cut Out Dress by Jones and Jones. I love everything about this piece, from the shape and colour to that fantastic bow detail which had me at first sight. It's certainly not your average dress.

2. Heart Mesh Flippy Dress. This dress has 'adorable' written all over it. I was planning to order it as soon as I get the whole Paypal thing fixed, but someone beat me to it and it's out of stock already. What are your opinions on this dress? Would you possibly wear it?

3. Petite Mesh Insert Skater Dress. This one reminds me of the dress Miley Cyrus wore to People's Choice Awards back in January (see here). Thanks to her, I have been in love with similar pieces ever since. Now, if only they had it in white/beige...

4. Beaded Belt Cami Dress by Coco's Fortune. Even though the whole high-low hem trend has started a while ago, I still haven't bought any items to join in. This could be the perfect beginning with its wonderful colour and beautiful lace trim.

5. Metallic Bandeau Dress. What I wrote above might as well refer to this piece. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that it's strapless- not really practical when it comes to events which involve a lot of dancing unless we want to 'flash' someone at some point.

6. Showoff Mega Platform Mary Janes. I am simply in love with Mary Janes. They combine two extremely important things when it comes to shoes- the looks and comfort. You can throw your fear of falling over away and look super classy while doing it. It's a win-win.

7. LC Lauren Conrad Platform High Heels. Lauren Conrad has certainly made the list of my favourite fashion people. Her style is the essence of girliness and her collections are always reasonably priced. I mean... how can you not love her?

What do you think about my current wishlist? Which items are hot and which are not? Sound off in the comments!

Shop my closet: the opening of my new online store

Today, I have a very important announcement to make. I've been wanting to do it for some time now, but being the procrastinator that I tend to be, it took me much more time than I expected. Yes, just like the title suggests, I decided to open an online store to clear out my closet. Let me tell you something to illustrate how urgent it is for me to get rid of my stuff. A year ago, shortly before I decided to start my own fashion blog, my style completely changed and I had to get rid of my old clothes to make room for the ones defining the new 'me'. I nearly emptied one of my cupboards back then and gave those clothes away. Earlier this year, I noticed some of my old hoodies and tops still hanging in my closet, so I did exactly the same- packed them all and gave them away.
At the very moment, my closet and two cupboards are bursting at the seams again- better yet, there are over a dozen of items hanging on my closet door already since there is no room inside.

Having said this, I need my old clothes gone and I need them gone ASAP.
I am up for negotiation when it comes to prices so feel free to drop me a line if you happen to have any questions, otherwise I will have to give those away as well. I will be adding more items to the store shortly.

If you are looking for designer clothes and accessories, I recommend that you visit my first online store here. I am selling items by Christian Louboutin, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Juicy Couture and many, many more!
Prices start from as low as $9.00 for a lip balm. If you are interested, let me know and I will make sure to keep adding more items daily. :)

Fashion dilemma resolved: Knee-length sleeveless dress in chiffon

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you can possibly remember the fashion dilemma I was struggling with a while ago. In this post I asked you to help me choose between two dresses from the same H&M collection: the mint and the black one. I would like to thank you all for your comments, since I enjoyed reading every single one of them and they were actually really helpful. Now that I have already placed my order & received the package, I decided to show you what was inside...

Yes, since I still found it hard to part ways with one of the dresses I decided to order both of them. Of course I couldn't resist & have already worn both of them when I was shopping and running errands. Much as I love the black one, I am still unsure whether mint is my colour or not... I think I'm gonna have to give it another try and see if it grows on me!

What do you think about these dresses? Have you bought anything interesting lately?

Friday's Fancies: Euro Trip

Yes, I do realize that I'm posting this a day late, but I hope that the lovely outfits I put together will make up for it. This week's challenge involved presenting an outfit you would gladly wear while exploring what the most interesting European locations have to offer. I have already been to a total of 12 European countries (including my own and Vatican) and I swear I can never get enough. Travelling is what keeps me going and spending too much time in one place makes me cranky. Hopefully, next year I'm going to move to one of the biggest European capitals so I will have no reasons to complain. 

Euro Trip

On this year's travel wishlist of mine are France, Italy and Spain (even though I have already been to the first two) so while creating the set above I kept those in mind. Maxi dresses are one of my favourite trends, since they are perfect for walking down the sun-drenched streets in the summer. Also, when you have the whole day of sightseeing ahead of you, comfort plays a huge role, so I decided to exchange heels for comfy thong sandals. Being dressed like this, you are ready to rock... and turn heads all the time!

What is on your travel wishlist this year? What would you possibly wear during a Euro trip? Sound off in the comments!

My week through Instagram

Even though I got an Instagram account ages ago, I am still trying to get used to documenting what's going on in my life on a regular basis. I have to admit that some of the photos were taken earlier than a week ago, but since I'm such a procrastinator I found it hard to get round to writing this post.
On the 6th July, we organized a little get-together to celebrate my name day with lots of cake and champagne. I finished the day with a stroll on the beach accompanied by my best friend.

1. The light, summery dress from New Look I wore that day.
2.  As I have already mentioned in my previous post, I changed my hair colour and here's the final result.

The day after, they organised a concert on the beach and naturally- how could we miss it? The weather was absolutely muggy the whole week- it was getting up to 35 degrees and going out even for 5 minutes without melting away was virtually impossible. During the third song, me and my best friend noticed the storm coming straight towards us and without much thinking, we ran for cover. A few minutes later, all hell broke loose and we were caught in the biggest storm I have seen in the past few years. We hid under the roof with a dozen of other people and for the next couple of minutes, we were constantly being hit by walls of water. We kept laughing and joking the whole time to keep our minds off the whole downpour and it actually worked. When we finally came out of hiding after over half an hour, we spotted a fire brigade and an ambulance and came to notice that the stage collapsed. Column speakers went tumbling down like a house of cards- thank God nobody was seriously injured!

3. That's what the stage looked like after the huge storm.

On Friday, the 13th I had my third dental surgery. I left the office with a bunch of stitches and I took the whole recovery thing really seriously this time. I spent the whole Saturday afternoon watching Rules of Engagement and nibbling on some sweet treats to ease the pain (is there anyone who loves David Spade as much as I do?) Since half of my face is swollen and on top of that I have a big bloody bruise, I decided that the best choice would be to avoid going in public until I stop looking as if I got in a fight with Mike Tyson.

4. The TV show that got me through the day.
5. A delicious cupcake with caramel and hazelnuts- my personal medicine.
6. Me with a half-swollen face.

Last. but not least... The day after that misfortunate concert I mentioned above, yet another one was bound to take place. Ever since I found out that Ray Wilson was going to perform, I couldn't hold my excitement. To those of you who have never heard this name before, you must have heard of Genesis, an English rock band famous for songs such as 'I can't dance' or 'Land of confusion'. After Phil Collins left the band in March 1996, Ray Wilson became the new lead singer. I've been wanting to see him perform for some time now and I decided that no storm could possibly stop me from doing so. Luckily enough, the weather was wonderful and so was the concert. I enjoyed every single minute of it! After it finished, I managed to make my way through the crowd and quickly take a picture with Ray. Having done that, I was about to join my friend and go home when I heard someone behind me say 'thank you very much!' You can only imagine how surprised I was to turn around and notice it was him, since he hasn't really talked to the others and first of all, I should be the one thanking him for the opportunity! It totally made my day.

7. Ray Wilson performing one of the songs.

If you ever get the chance to see him live, please do- it's worth every penny!
For a little sneak peek, here's my favourite Genesis cover.

Sorry for this longish post, but I decided that I should treat my blog as a personal diary and an outlet for emotions. I want to look back on my old posts in a few years' time and see what the teenage me went through and felt like. If you actually read the whole thing instead of just looking through the pictures, thank you!

xoxo, Dominika.

Modern fashion icons: Selena Gomez

Selena Marie Gomez is an American actress and singer, best known for her portrayal of Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place and 3 platinum certified singles: Naturally, Who says and Love you like a love song. Her style ranges from casual tee and skinny jeans combinations to her outstanding red carpet gowns. What really deserves appreciation is the ease with which she makes transitions between those two, never failing to amaze us. With two weeks left until Selena steps out of her teenage years, I decided to present my list of her best style moments.

In November 2011, Selena was spotted walking down the streets of Paris holding hands with her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. She paired her short black skirt with a black and white heart scarf and a pair of thigh-high Pretty Polly House of Holland tights to keep herself warm in the Parisian autumn weather.

In October 2009, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift spent the evening together at Maggiano's Italian restaurant Little Italy and then Menchi's Frozen Yogurt for dessert. Gomez was rocking high street fashion- a red Urban Outfitters dress with a zipper in the front paired with an Urban Outfitters leather jacket, Shoe Bungalow boots and patterned tights. It goes without saying that red & black are her colours.

Last year, the Texan starlet hit the stage of Good Morning America to perform a few songs from her CD, When the sun goes down. She opted for a sleeveless top from Barney's in a trendy powder pink colour. If you open my closet, it does not take a genius to figure out that this colour is a must-have in my book. I have always loved its girliness, but now that I went back to being a brunette, I am pretty sure I will rock it even more often.

Selena was lighting up the red carpet at the 2008 Teen Vogue party in her black polka dot dress from Luella. The look was completed with a black sash tied at the waist and a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo slingback shoes. The combination of sheer fabric and polka dots is what totally won me over- it's the definition of 'classy', if you ask me.

At the 2011 People's Choice Awards, Selena stepped out on the red carpet wearing a high-low hem dress by Irina Shabayeva. To add some glamour, she accessorized it with Polki Allure Hoops by Isharya and gorgeous nude Christian Louboutin heels. It's a perfect choice if you want to stay chic and avoid being overdressed.

To say that Selena is a pretty girl is an understatement. The photoshoot for Elle Mexico totally took my breath away, as the 1970's inspired cover and sepia toned photos gave her a wonderful vintage feeling. Regardless of what she's wearing, Selena keeps turning heads- I can bet you that even if we made her go out in public wearing a potato sack, she would still look fabulous and put us all to shame. I have already expressed my love for beige and powder pink items multiple times- suffice it to say that I would more than gladly snag those pieces to stay in my wardobe forever.

On one of the shots from the newest Elle photoshoot, Gomez is seen laying on the beach wearing a pink bustier dress by Jil Sander paired with Jimmy Choo heels. The combination of pink & red looks simply amazing on her and I swear there's 'vintage chic' written all over this outfit.

Selena wore a Faberge-designed sweater from Balmain and paired it with a mini skirt by Mugler. While I absolutely despise the way it looks on the model, Selena's version immediately caught my eye. When worn as an oversize tunic by a beauty like Selena, it's a really sophisticated look.

For more outfits worn by Selena Gomez that I have been swooning over, go here.

What do you think about Selena's style? Which are your favourite outfits?
By the way, I have just put up a brand new poll on the sidebar, so you can vote for the next icon right away!

Hot or Not: Knee-length sleeveless dress in chiffon

Fashion dilemma is a feeling that every single fashionista has to struggle with every now and then. We find ourselves swooning over a certain item and wondering if the others find it equally amazing or if it's great value for money. I don't think anyone likes staring at their reflection in the changing room mirror and racking their brains with the question- 'love it or leave it?' Everything gets so much easier with a little bit of help from some fellow fashionistas and this is why I decided to turn to you.

As some of you might possibly remember (I am the queen of wishful thinking...), the first item on my March wishlist was the sleeveless chiffon dress from H&M. I even got to try it on when I went shopping, but since I'm a rather thrifty person, I put it back on the clothing rack with the hope that it would be much cheaper online. It's been three long months, but I finally found what I was looking for... and even more. I spotted the newest addition to the collection- the same dress in oh-so-trendy mint colour. Believe it or not, I still don't own any mint items of clothing- could this be the perfect beginning?

I believe that it's a perfect light summery dress and the leather belt certainly adds to its beauty. Since we tend to get a lot of weather swings, it's a must-have in my closet for those days when you're too afraid to go out because you might just melt. Now, the question is... which one would you choose if you were me? The mint or the black one? Or maybe both/neither of those? Sound off in the comments!

New in: Girls in their summer dresses

I have always been the girl who has an eye for bargains. Whenever one of my fashion-conscious friends comes over and begins to look through my closet in search of some new pieces, I always have a story to tell. One simply cannot buy style and that's why I am all in favour of affordable retailers. When H&M announced their huge end-of-season sales, I knew I just had to visit the nearest mall. They certainly didn't disappoint, but I would gladly hit one or two more stores in the neighbourhood... Seeing to the fact that come Friday, I will be officially done with school for the year, I might just do that!

Cotton dresses with wide elasticated waist- H&M
Bow hair clip- Diva
Feather earrings- Centro

As you might have already noticed, I purchased the same dress in two different colours. As soon as I noticed the last two ones hanging on the clothing rack I knew they were perfect for summer, grabbed them and immediately ran towards the changing room. Thank God for the existence of that elasticated waist, since the light denim blue is actually two sizes bigger. I cannot wait for the weather to start getting better, so I can go out rocking my new lovelies. They were a bit too creased, so I folded them like this- you can go here for some full length photos. As for the hair clip and earrings, I have been looking for similar ones for some time now and I stumbled upon them when I least expected it. A pair of feather earrings in light pink would make my jewellery collection complete (at least for now), but the prices were simply ridiculous. You know what they say though- good things come to those who wait!

Friday's Fancies: outfit crush

This week, the lovely {av} challenged us to present an outfit we've been crushing on, be it a celebrity look or the one found on Lookbook/Pinterest/you name it, and then recreate it in our own way. I have chosen the outfit that had me at first sight, even though it doesn't include any fancy dresses. Quite the contrary, it's more of a modern hippie look which I wish I could pull off as perfectly as the beauty below did.
Demi Lovato is undoubtedly one of my biggest fashion inspirations ever, as you might have noticed judging by the Modern Fashion Icon post here. One of her advantages is that throughout her whole career, she has been spotted changing her hairdos and style multiple times and she never fails to amaze me. Whether she's a blonde or a brunette, she still leaves me wishing I could magically get hold of her closet overnight. Ranging from rock tees and various Litas to fancy dresses and killer heels, it makes millions of girls all over the world want to follow in her footsteps. In 2011, she was spotted out and about in LA wearing this outfit and I have been dreaming of being able to recreate this look ever since. Who knows, maybe in the distant future I will get to go to Coachella or just simply strut around LA and then I will definitely keep this one in mind.

Would you possibly feel tempted to rock this outfit? Where would you wear it?

Happy Friday to you, lovelies!
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