Saint Nicholas Day

In many countries 6th December is known as Saint Nicholas Day. Here, we have one of the most unique and interesting traditions. When it gets dark and all family members are getting ready to go to bed, we sneakily stuff their shoes with gifts. I can still remember when, being a little girl, my parents made me clean my shoes claiming that Santa always ignores the dirty ones. Or, not locking up the front door because of me constantly asking 'How will Santa get into our house?' Good times. The more grown-up you are, the less fun it actually is... but I find myself looking forward to this day every single year anyway.

In the afternoon, there was a special Saint Nicholas Day performance in our local cultural center. They have gathered both dance groups and teen music bands. Considering the fact that some of our friends were taking part, me and my best friend decided to go and show them some support.

Here are the pictures of me right before going to the concert. Excuse the quality, but they were taken with my phone.

                                                                 Knit cardigan- H&M
Floral dress- H&M
Grey boots-
Forever 21

What are the Saint Nicholas Day traditions in your country, if any?
Feel free to drop me a line!


  1. No nie wiem nie wiem czy Ci polecać DeeZee czy nie. Ja tam raczej już nic nie kupię, straszna masakra :/ niewygodne, problemy z płaceniem... nie wiem.
    ładnie wyglądasz :)

  2. you look so cute!!

    visit my blog

  3. St. Nicholas Day sounds so fun! And sneaking up at night is cute! haha

    xo cherry


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