I am a STYLEpreneur!

My friend has recently come across a site called StyleOwner and forwarded it to me, bearing in mind that I'm keen on fashion issues. To be perfectly honest, it immediately caught my eye. The idea behind this site is to allow selected fashionistas to open their own online stores in cooperation with the StyleOwner team and promote social selling. Without a shadow of a doubt, I applied, even though I didn't set my hopes too high.

You can only imagine how delighted I was when after a hard day at school, on opening my inbox this e-mail was waiting for me.


Congratulations- you've been selected to be one of our very first store owners in our private beta launch. StyleOwner is proud to combine the power of social networking, e-commerce and fashion to offer you a new online business opportunity.

I got round to setting up my new store as soon as I read the last line of their message. Beginning from scratch is never easy-peasy, but with a plenty of excitement it was a pure pleasure for me. I was given a list of designers, posh stores and their clothing to choose from and I let the fun begin. Having finished a couple of hours later, all that was left to do was wait for the confirmation.

Greetings Dominika,

It's official- you are now a STYLEpreneur! Thank you for setting up shop (literally!) and becoming part of our exclusive community.

STYLEpreneur Status: We bet you've always been a trendsetter. Your reputation as an innovator will continue to grow as you pioneer the exciting new frontier of social shopping. In fact, now you can add STYLEpreneur to your resume (STYLEpreneur: An aspiring businessperson who possesses great style and a love of fashion).

I have taken on a new experience, which is certainly enriching, inspiring and means a lot to me as an aspiring fashionista. I DO realize some of those prices are slightly exorbitant, but I have no control over this aspect. If you happen to know anyone, who would be interested in purchasing those things anyway, I proudly present my new store:

Glamour Kills
I will probably be adding new items to the store soon, so stay tuned.

Much love!


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  2. wow! such a great idea!
    congratulations! :)

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  4. Congratulations! That's a big start for a big business.


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  6. your blog is so beautiful and well done!

  7. Im so proud of u babe ...congrats lol I want in!!!! heheh xoxoxo

  8. Congratulations on this! It sounds like such a great idea:)

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