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I have to admit I've had this terrible writer's block for some time... As I was enjoying my holiday, I came up with an idea to present a number of the greatest fashion inspirations EVER in series called 'Modern fashion icons'.
I put up a poll on the right, so you can vote & choose the person who will be featured in my next post! If you don't like any of the suggestions, feel free to leave me a comment saying who you think should appear on my blog instead :)

So, my choice for today's Modern Fashion Icon is Hanna Beth. Hanna is a model for Skelanimals and a few other photographers. She has recently launched a clothing line called 'Sober is sexy' and designed her own 'Glamour Kills' collection. Not only do I think she's a HUGE fashion inspiration, she also inspired the name of my blog.

I've been browsing the Internet for the past few days to find photos of my favourite outfits. Credit goes to Photobucket, Flickr, Hanna's Buzznet and a few other sites I can't think of at the moment!

Hanna arriving at the 12th Annual Young Hollywood Awards. She went for a black dress with lace sleeves & paired it with ripped tights and gorgeous pink pumps. My friend was trying to sell similar shoes some time ago, but I wasn't interested back then... I think I should go ask her if she still has them!

I can't really tell if she's wearing any top underneath, but she looks amazing. She knows exactly how to mix different styles: a combination of leather jacket & a classy mini skirt looks amazingly good. Plus, I love stuff she has in her closet, especially that leopard print fur on the left & the cardigan with lips all over it on the right... or whatever that is.

Behind the scenes of 'Sober is sexy' photoshoot. I'm totally in love with her leopard print jacket. It goes very well with smokey eyes & her dark lipstick and creates the image of a stylish rock chick.

I love the combination of a black dress/tunic with denim waistcoat.  Not only does it add some colour, it also makes the outfit way more casual. Hanna paired it with ripped fishnet stockings (only for brave people, I don't think I would go out wearing them...) and black boots. A pretty person looks pretty in every clothing- she's the living proof.

She looks so adorable & innocent in these pictures. I totally have a thing for white/beige dresses. Even if they are lace dresses with flounces, they're still amazing. What's more, I wish I could have Hanna's shoe closet- her high heels are gorgeous.

Wearing leggings with a dress has to be one of my favourite sets ever. It's simple, comfortable & looks really pretty. What really amazed me is the fact that normally wearing black clothes would be considered boring, but in this case just a scarf was enough to make this outfit interesting and classy.

It's time for something especially important now that summer has finally come & is here to stay... beachwear. Hanna is wearing a polka dot swimsuit and heart-shaped sunglasses. I love those, I bought a pair of white ones right after they became fashionable!

Ladies and gentlemen, I saved the best for last... This is definitely one of my favourite photos of Hanna. I love her hair, make-up, pose, outfit... everything. As you can see, she's wearing a polka dot shirt paired with ripped fishnet stockings.. again. The most incredible thing about this photo are her shoes. Jeffrey Campbell is a shoe genius and, as Hanna said on her blog recently, everything he creates is to die for! Prices are the greatest reality check though- roughly $150 per pair. However, I just want you to know that I will get hold of at least one pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, sooner or later... that would make my life complete.

What do you think about Hanna's style? What are your favourite/least favourite outfits? Maybe there are some other ones worth mentioning?
Don't forget to vote for the next fashion icon!

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