Shopping in Warsaw.

Hey guys,

I'm SO sorry that I haven't written anything lately. It's just that tomorrow I'm going to Italy for almost two weeks and everything is so crazy... I spent this weekend packing my things. I took like half of my closet and it will be a miracle if I manage to close my suitcase tomorrow, I swear :) My mom has been running around the house making sure I haven't forgotten anything, my dad keeps asking me lots of questions about Italy and this trip itself. It's way more stressful than I first thought it might be...

On Friday I went to Warsaw with my best friend to do some shopping and cool off, after all we deserved it, didn't we? Even though I love going to the mall & looking for cute clothes and impressive sales, I gotta admit it was really tiring and difficult this time...  I'm not the kind of girl who enjoys buying swimwear and summer outfits (please tell me I'm not the only one in here!), but finally I managed to buy something :)

I was supposed to take my own pictures, but those things are in my suitcase already and trust me, if I tried to take anything, it would end up being a total disaster :)

So here we go, swimwear first...

I couldn't find the photo of the second bikini I bought, but it was a simple black one tied at the neck and back. It's really hard to satisfy me, but these ones are really comfortable. Not to mention that they help your wallet to get a bit thinner.. Recently, H&M commercials have been on TV all the time. Cheap bikini tops, blah blah blah. You know the way it works, they are usually doing their best to make those products look like million dollars, while in fact it's nothing to write home about. The same in this case, more comfort= more money. That was slightly disappointing.

I'm addicted to both H&M and this colour...I bought two pairs of these shorts, the other ones are black. Really comfortable and price definitely works to their advantage too :) However, all those sizes are awkward. I managed to fool my friend- when we were in the changing room, I put on two pairs in two different sizes. Not only did I feel better in smaller shorts, but also my friend believed these were the bigger ones. So if you decide to go for them, be careful :)

I'd love to tell you something more about summer trends, but I still have some things to do before I go to bed :) I'll try to update this blog while being in Italy, BUT I definitely need more comments. I wanna know that you're actually enjoying what I'm doing and I'm not writing it all for myself only :)

Take care, sweethearts.

Let's get it started.

Hello everyone,

As you probably have noticed, I'm a newbie and this is my first post here. I don't really like beginnings, so I'll just try to introduce myself as briefly as possible :)

My name is Dominika. I'm a 17-year-old girl from Poland with interest in music, travelling and finally... fashion. That's what I will focus on. I will throw in some elements of my everyday life from time to time. I really hope you will enjoy reading my posts.

Is there anything you would like me to write about? Feel free to leave your suggestions in comments. It would mean a lot to me, I promise I'll read every single one! :)

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